Figures Painting pt2

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The Fresh Fusion paint style

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The second part about the painting methods for scale figures is dedicated to the wet on wet shading method. The gradation technique typical of oil painting, but made in an infinitely more practical and simple way with True Earth's SDW Shading Colors !

The tutorial explains in an extremely detailed way :

  • description of the "wet on wet" gradation method
  • color adaptation to climate and vehicles
  • how to paint every single part of the clothing
  • how to paint equipment and accessories
  • how to paint weapons
  • how to paint faces

30 pages and 122 step by step images, for a pleasant figure painting !

Bilingual text ITA / ENG - Instant download

NB: if you haven't done it yet, I suggest you also download the Tutorial "Figure Painting pt.1", because it contains the basics necessary to tackle pt.2.